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somatics for grounding & containment

In this workshop, participants will learn nurturing somatic* practices for grounding and containment, including how to adjust and adapt practices for their own bodies and for different moments. Grounding and containment practices are essential parts of any emotional/mental health emergency response toolkit: they help dial it down a few notches, make space to take a breath, and connect to a sense of safety. Professionals, parents, partners, friends, and others love telling folks how one should ground or contain when big shit comes up, but often it's not clear how to figure out what truly works. Through a guided process of sensing consent in their bodies, participants will leave this workshop with at least a fewreliable practices that can be used preventatively or urgently during rough times, flip-outs, and meltdowns. *This time, I'm offering this workshop online in order to make it accessible for folks who can't get into my office, and folks who can participate better when they don't have to leave their homes/beds.*

$60/person, with an invitation for those who can to pay higher & and those who need to get in touch about paying lower. Please pay as high as you're able taking into account income, savings, family/other support, debt, and class background! In order to offer two reparations spots for Black &/or Indigenous participants at no cost, the other five spots must be filled. Offering pricing this way helps make tangible the realities that healing is a communal endeavour, that everyone deserves it, and that healing work deserves to be compensated.