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meeting monsters: a skillshop on shame

some of you know: i'm obsessed with shame.

i've spent years learning how to engage & unwind this shadowy monstrous beastie that lives in all of us, whispering (or shouting) that we are bad, unworthy of love, useless, eternal fuckups. going to the shame place can be confusing, overwhelming, and immobilizing. often when conflict becomes a mindfuck, shame is at play. often when we victimize ourselves instead of responding compassionately to someone we have wounded, shame is at play. this shame is deep in queer communities: and no wonder! we on occupied turtle island live in a colonial, white supremacist culture of puritanism where sex is dirty, bad, and wrong, and queer bodies are nonconsensually made sexual by default.

when we learn to engage shame, to digest it & let it move through us, we spiral the power it had to drain us back into ourselves. we become more reliable & resilient in our relationships of care & solidarity. more & more, the folks i work with are coming to me explicitly seeking tools to digest shame, which is why i am so excited to offer what i have learned in a more accessible form!

we will gather in a cozy, nourishing online zoom room to meet & gentle our shame monsters. participants will learn what shame is, how it is a survival response whose true purpose is to sustain connection, and how to unwind its intensity through somatic practice. space is limited so that your practice will receive individual tailoring & attention.

at-cost, this skillshop is $40, with an invitation to those who can afford extras in life, who earn in USD/GBP/EUR, or who have access to family/generational wealth to pay $60, and a couple spaces for those who need to pay $20. if you are Black &/or Indigenous to turtle island, you are welcome to a reparations spot at no cost.

if you prefer to pay by interac e-transfer or dropping cash in my office mailbox, email me at hannah at bodywitch dot com to set it up. if you prefer to do this skillshop in-person, register for the september one in tiohtià:ke or email me at hannah at bodywitch dot com to book me in your city!

artwork above is the strength card from noel arthur heimpel’s NUMINOUS TAROT, used with payment & permission.

Later Event: September 17
meeting monsters: a skillshop on shame