MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers

MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers

MOONWORK is open!

MOONWORK is a practice of making home in self, others, and the present moment, as perfect-for-now experiences that include past & future. MOONWORK is a celebration & exploration of cyclical time. it is a practice of transformation. it's a practice of change as generative & reliable, a practice of power as a vector of impact. it's a way to feel more, without overwhelm. it's a negotiation of community as care & nurturance, a constellation of communication grounded in capacity & clarity. it's a practice of commitment & desire that is tangibly backed up by your way of being & doing in this world. it's an engagement with shadow & shame that is accountable & liberatory, that supports sustainable action instead of collapse & denial. it is shedding. it is, above all, an emergent/emerging practice of the body as brilliant, wise, and worthy tool to cultivate loving resilience.

in more practical terms, MOONWORK is an ongoing online somatic practice group for queers. through weekly(ish) group somatic practice sessions & weekly creative prompts, we orbit the moon’s phases through a loose thematic pattern of the body’s 3 dimensions––length, width, depth. each season, participants have the opportunity to reflect on & redefine their commitments to their work within this space: each participant's work will be their own, in service of the transformation & healing they seek. though participants may leave the group at any time, new participants will only be added at the start of a season, and my intention is to work intimately & deeply, in months & years rather than weeks.

as a new offering, grounded in emergence & resilient change, it is likely that the structure of MOONWORK will expand &/or shift over time. the core is strong & clear; the rest is adaptable, responsive cocreation. MOONWORK is a space where all of my skillsets and toolkits over the last 12+ years of study & practice are available to you. the breadth of my learning & teaching spans trauma healing, somatic & movement practices of many types, nervous system health & resilience, tarot, birth work, yoga, writing & writing workshops, queer & femme & leather lineage & ancestry, mad pride/liberatory approaches to mental health, boundaries & consent, shadow/shame work, chosen family & polyamory & non-monogamy, reweaving the fabric of community/connection destroyed by white supremacy, and an ongoing question: “how do we embody and act from our power with integrity?”


MOONWORK meets on tuesdays, 5:00 - 7:00 pm EST, and new participants will join the group on 19 march! it costs $150/month (tax included): for the price of ~2 hours of 1:1 bodywork, therapy, or coaching, each month you receive 6-8 hours of group work, weekly practice prompts, support for personal care & creative practice, and custom-tailored content that is responsive to your desires & needs.

over the next couple weeks on instagram, i’m sharing weekly #moonworksomatics practices & lots of amazing testimonials from participants!

questions? sign up for the q&a session on monday, 11 march, 6:00 - 7:00 pm EST, or shoot me an email at hannah AT bodywitch DOT com.