MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers

MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers


MOONWORK is a somatic practice group for queers that has been running since september 2018. we gather most tuesdays for group practice, orbiting the moon’s phases through a loose thematic pattern of radical desire, consent, and lineages, exploring our embodied relationships with ourselves, each other, and our lineages of blood, choice, community, experience, and impact. our practice aims to reweave threads of queer kinship to create a resilient somatic culture of nurturance & reciprocity that resists white supremacy. 

each week we meet, participants receive a creative prompt to carry into their personal practices. each seasonal cycle includes one guest workshop, facilitated by a queer somatic/artistic practitioner of colour. our intention is to work intimately & deeply, in months & years rather than weeks.

as a still-young offering grounded in emergence & resilient change, it is likely that the structure of MOONWORK will expand &/or shift over time. the core is strong & clear; the rest is adaptable, responsive cocreation with the current group. rooted in queer ancestral lineages, we circle the question, “how do we embody & act from our power with integrity?”


MOONWORK is a closed group of maximum 13 participants (in its current shape). fees are charged as a monthly subscription at $150 CAD, with an invitation for those with generational wealth to contribute more if possible, and sliding scale spaces reserved for BIPOC. as always, 10% of what is collected is returned to community through reparations to indigenous & black individuals & liberation efforts.

we will be adding new members in fall 2019 & are now scheduling free consults to feel out whether it’s a fit! email hannah at bodywitch dot com if you’d like to schedule y