in somatics sessions, we use embodied experience––conversation, sensation, movement, gesture, emotion, breath, image, memory, and practice––to understand better what is happening, and to create the transformation you need & desire. my job is to help you define those needs & desires and to guide our work consistently in service of them. my job is to recognize patterns, to offer tools & frameworks, and to guide us in building a trusting, consensual, non-judgemental, and supportive container for your work. sessions are a creative laboratory for experimentation & practice, always grounded both in the broad arcs of transformation you seek & the smaller cycles of your body's material reality day-to-day. we build new ways of being, deepen discernment around your boundaries & consent, and transform that which no longer serves you.

as a politicized healer, i believe that all our work is in some way trauma healing. we live within many systems of oppression, and both oppressor and oppressed positions shape our bodies in their own dehumanizing & alienating ways that cut us off from our deepest wisdom, truest selves, and right relationships. when we are working with our bodies, we are working with these shapes, too! i am also experienced working with trauma as more traditionally defined, from specific incidents and ongoing situations of harm. and: counselling is not only for trauma & times of intense difficulty, but also simply for leveling up, thriving, or just getting some support where and when you need it. most situations in life can only benefit from a little more support! my commitment is to supporting your liberation through increased nervous system resilience & regulation, and access to a wider range of sensations, experiences, relationships, choices, and responses. most of my clients see me every week or every two weeks, especially at first, but i am also happy to do brief, more focused work over one or a few sessions, as my schedule permits.

i offer one-on-one sessions as well as sessions for dyads or triads of people who are healing on parallel paths, seeking similar tools, trying something new, or figuring out structures & boundaries together.

you can check my fees page for info about rates! please note, i am often running a waitlist.